How do you know your MERV 8 air filters are cleaning the air?

24 Hour Test -Just plug in the Dylos Laser Particle counter in the wall outlet and install your MERV 8 air filters.  Turn the fan on your air conditioning system and watch the the Laser monitor.

Wednesday Initial Reading 169800 @ 0.5 micron   WED 3:39 PM

Reading 162700 @ 0.5 micron   WED 3:39 PM

Reading 98300 @ 0.5 micron  WED 4:49 PM

Reading 75600 @ 0.5 micron  WED 5:22 PM

Thursday Final Reading 21200 @ 0.5 micron   Thursday 5:37 PM




The CleanAir-Stat controls a new parameter in indoor air comfort / indoor air quality.

The thermostat controls the temperature and the humidistat controls humidity.

Now HVAC Contractors can control the airborne lung damaging dust size particles greater than 1 micron in size in the air with the CleanAir-Stat.

The CleanAir-Stat can measure / monitor the indoor air particles and turn on a fan blower / air cleaner to clean the indoor air.

The CleanAir-Stat can measure / monitor the outdoor air and turn on an exhaust fan / fresh air damper to bring in the building fresh outside air.

The CleanAir-Stat is available in a wired and wireless version for the HVAC Contractor.


Cleaning the air in a room with a box fan air cleaner.

Monitors Indoor Air Quality using a Dylos DC1100 Laser Particle Counter and Solid State Fan Control Relay. 

You can set the Indoor Air Quality from 1,000 to 50,000 lung damaging particles @ 1 micron size per cubic foot.

Measures airborne particles every 10 minutes.

Energizes a 120 VAC fan control relay when the air gets dirty.

The fan control relay turns on the Box Fan Air Cleaner to clean the air.

When the air is clean the Dylos DC1100 Laser Particle Counter turns off the fan control relay and Box Fan Air Cleaner.

This can control box fan motors rated at 120 VAC / 3 AMPS.

The Cleanair-stat is turning on and off the box fan air cleaner.

The air is getting cleaner when the blue light is on!


Cleaning the Air using a Residential or Commercial Central Air Conditioning System. 

The CleanAir-Stat Relay works with the fan control center on all AC Systems.


Honeywell Round Thermostat

The thermostat has a fan switch that can turn on and off the fan blower. 

Many whole-home air cleaner manufactures recommend that the fan be left on all the time to clean the air.

The CleanAir-Stat relay can help you save money on cleaning the air.

The CleanAir-Stat relay can automatically turn on and off the fan blower depending on how clean the air is.



You can turn your heating and cooling system into a high efficiency air cleaner by installing merv 8 / 11 air filters in your air conditioning system.

The CleanAir-Stat automatically measures and controls the airborne particle count in your home or office.





90-294Q 120 Volt Coil Relay

The simplest way to automatically energize the fan blower is to connect a 90-294Q 120 Volt Coil Relay to the CleanAir-Stat Control Relay and run a thermostat wire to the fan control center.

90-294Q 120 Volt Relay Electrical Schematic

When the 90-294Q 120 Volt Coil is energized (terminals 1 and 3) from the CleanAir-Stat the relay can close the contacts (terminals 2 and 4).

Fan Control Center 90-118E

Fan Control Center 90-118E

Connect a 2 wire thermostat wire from 90-294Q relay terminals "2" and "4" to the 90-118E Fan Control Center ("R" and "G" terminals). This jumpers the "R" and "G" terminals.

The fan relay will energize the high speed winding on the blower motor.

This is what happens when you manually turn the Fan Switch "ON"  on your thermostat.


Cleaning the Air using an Wall / Ceiling Mounted Air Cleaner.




Dylos DC1100 Air Quality Monitor and Solid State Fan Control Relay


Monitors Indoor Air Quality and turns on and off the box fan air cleaner.  Wired, and Wireless remote control.


Box Fan Air Cleaner

Filters airborne particles greater than 1 micron in size





Clean Air Stat


CleanAirStat . com

digital programmable

control the home's indoor air quality

automatically responds to dustier air conditions

You can breathe cleaner air by simply turning on your CleanAir-Stat.

CleanAir-Stat TM is a device for regulating fine airborne dust particles.

Particulate Matter  PM2.5

Particulate Matter (PM) is another form of air pollution that affects the health of Houstonians. Particles larger than 2.5 microns in diameter (a human hair diameter is about 70 microns in width) are known as “coarse” particles. The sources of these larger particles include crushing and grinding operations and windblown dust.

So called fine particles are less than 2.5 microns and are generated by fuel combustion (from automobiles, power generation and industrial facilities), residential fireplaces and wood stoves. Fine particles can be formed in the atmosphere from gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and volatile organic compounds.

Those exposed to particulate matter may suffer a number of symptoms including, a persistent cough, a sore throat, burning eyes, wheezing, shortness of breath, and tightness of the chest.

PM can also trigger asthma and may lead to premature death, especially in the elderly who are more likely to have preexisting cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

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